Composers and authors worldwide are invited to submit entries for the Gibraltar International Song Festival 2019 (GISF), hereinafter referred to as GISF 2019, which will be held at the Tercentenary Sports Hall, Gibraltar, on Saturday, 18 May, 2019, starting at 8.30pm.

The following rules will govern the event and its participation:

1. Entries may be submitted in any language and may originate from any country.

2. Both the music and the lyrics of each entry must be the original works of the author(s)/composer(s) attributed to the entry. To this effect, the author(s)/ composer(s) will agree to indemnify the Organising Committee (hereinafter referred to as “The Committee”) of the GISF against any liability that may arise through violation of the rights of any third parties in connection with the said entry.

3. Songs entered for the Song Festival must be unpublished and remain so until the selection of the finalists has been completed. Finalist entries must, additionally, remain unpublished until the Finals Gala has taken place.

NOTE: In the context of the GISF, the organiser, The Gibraltar International Song Festival, deems that for a song to be considered published, a contract needs to have been signed between the author(s)/composer(s) and a publishing company, or record label. Should such a contract not exist, a song will be regarded as unpublished, irrespective of whether or not it has been included in a record, or posted on social media. See also Rule 12 d, below.

4. Entries must be submitted via the GISF website (Click here for full details –

5. Entries must not contain lyrics – or require a performance – that may be considered immoral and/or offensive to our society. The decision as to what is deemed to be considered immoral and or offensive to our Society will be at the sole discretion of the Committee.

6. Composers/authors may submit any number of entries, each with a maximum duration of 4 minutes and 30 seconds. However, should more than one entry to which a composer/author has contributed be pre-selected as one of the finalists, the Committee will nominate the entry with the highest score to go forward to the Finals Gala.

7. Composers/authors will be solely responsible for providing a singer, or singers, of their choice. The GISF organisers cannot undertake this responsibility. Any costs incurred in selecting this singer, or these singers, must be underwritten by the composers/authors. Failure to agree to this will result in the Committee having the discretion to withdraw the entry and replace it with a reserve song.

8. The closing date for receipt of entries is 31 January, 2019. The Committee reserves the right to extend the entry date at its sole discretion. If the date is extended a notice will be posted on the above-mentioned website indicating that this has been the case.
NOTE: Once the closing date for entries has expired, no changes to the original soundtrack will be permitted.

9. After the closing date, entries will be assessed by an invited panel of judges who will select the 12 finalists. There will be no right of appeal to those not selected as the decision of the Committee will be final.

10. Once the final 12 songs have been selected, all composers/authors concerned will be informed without delay.

11. Finalists must confirm their participation in the Finals Gala within ten (10) days of the official notification referred to in Rule 10, above. Should any finalist fail to provide this confirmation within the allocated time, the Committee reserves the right to allocate his/her slot to a reserve entry.

12. Following submission of their confirmation, composers/authors will be required to submit the following by 28 February, 2019, at the very latest:
a.Brief biography of the interpreter, accompanied by a head-and-shoulders photograph of same.
NOTE: As it may prove necessary to edit biographical submissions in due course, participants are requested to make biographies no longer than 180 words in length.
b.One copy (in wav format) of the backing track (playback) of the selected song. Backing voices may be included. Alternatively, participants may provide their own vocal backing group to perform live at the Finals Gala.
c. If deemed necessary by the Committee a video of the performance.
d. Copy of the registration of the song with the relevant professional music industry organisation, e.g. PRS for Music (UK), Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE – Spain), Sociedad Chilena de Autores e Intérpretes Musicales (SCD – Chile), etc. Where such a document cannot be provided, alternative proof certifying that the song is unpublished must be submitted.

13. In order to assist with expenses involved in connection with the Song Festival, finalists will be granted two nights’ free accommodation at a hotel selected by the Committee, to include a double/twin-bedded/single room with full buffet breakfast.

14. It is the finalists’ responsibility to ensure that their travelling documents (e.g. passports, visas), are fully in order. Full details of documents required for travelling to Gibraltar may be obtained by clicking here

15. The order in which entries will be performed at the Finals Gala will be drawn by the Committee.

16. Judging at the Finals Gala will be the responsibility of an international panel of experts from the music industry selected by the Committee at its sole discretion.

17. All entrants must accept the decisions of the judges as being final, and there will be no right of appeal against the decision of the panel of judges.

18. Winners of the top three prizes, plus the winner(s) of the Best Interpreter prize, will be presented with their respective trophies on the night of the Finals Gala. The corresponding cash prizes will be paid into the winners’ bank accounts by Telegraphic Transfer four weeks after the Finals Gala. If, within the said four-week period, the Committee discovers that the Rules have not been complied with by the winner(s) of the prize(s), the Committee reserves the right to withhold the prize(s) and re-allocate it/them accordingly. No right of appeal will exist in respect of a decision taken by the Committee in this regard, but the Committee will submit reasons why the prize(s) has/have been forfeited.

19. The Committee reserves the right to include the complete Finals Gala, or part thereof, in GISF promotional material via any medium of communication, including DVDs, CDs and the GISF website.

20. Submission of entries for the GISF 2019 will be taken as acceptance to abide by the above Rules. Failure to abide by any of these Rules may result in the Committee disqualifying an entry. Disqualification will be at the sole discretion of the Committee.

21. The Committee reserves the right to modify the above Rules if this is deemed necessary. Any such modification will be brought to the attention of registered entrants and will be posted on the GISF website.